My Game Plan

In 2017 I focused for a whole year on daily acts of kindness.

In that year, I performed 52 acts of kindness for myself which equaled about fifteen percent of the total.

Five years later, I can honestly say that kindness is still something I do daily.

However, I still have problems finding time and energy to be kind to myself.

Come along with me as I try my hardest to change that.

New 2023-2024 ‘Goals’

I’ve found that it’s very easy to focus on being kind to others and extremely difficult to consistently find kindness for myself.

I will find the time and energy daily to be kind to myself.

Sometimes these acts of kindness will appear to be simple ‘adulting’ tasks and others will be activities an art project loving/coffee obsessed/sci-fi junkie toddler came up with. Either way, I just need to be kind to myself and focus on my own growth.

I will be writing about this journey weekly, to keep me honest while not boring the snot out of you. (Seriously, my life is pretty lame)

As the whistle blows let’s bumb elbows, grab your coffee, it’s time skitter along your day…

I’m sick of standing on the sidelines.  I’m ready to jump in and get my feet wet.

I will  be performing one act of kindness daily during 2017.  Here are the goals I’ve set:

  • These acts can be random or specific.
  • Repeats are acceptable and inevitable.
  • Some will simply be accomplished with volunteer work.
  • One act weekly will benefit me.
  • Daily documentation will be required to keep me honest, and hopefully inspire a few of you to add kindness to your daily life.

I strongly believe that we as a society (especially women) need to learn self care techniques, or how to be kind to yourself.  Is this selfish?  Maybe, but it’s my game darlings.  This is why one act of kindness each week will be for me.  Mathematically speaking, these self care kindness acts will account for 14% of the total.

In addition to this daily act of kindness I will also be sending a homemade card daily via snail mail.  Again, they can be random or specific. Do you know someone who may need a few kind words in their mailbox?  Let me know, I’ll add them to my list.

The trumpet sounds, it’s game time, and I’m ready to kick a little ass.  Grab a hug and let’s go.